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FCSIC Regulations

Regulations issued by the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC) Board cover administrative issues for FCSIC employees, the Privacy Act, assessment of FCS institution premiums, collection of claims, golden parachutes, and indemnification payments.

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1400-Authority [pdf]

    Subpart : Subpart A - Organization and Functions (3)

    1400.1 [pdf] Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation.

    1400.2 [pdf] Board of Directors of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation

    1400.3 [pdf] Organization of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation

    Subpart : Subpart B - Reserved (1)

    1400-Subpart B [pdf] Reserved

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1401 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : No Subpart (1)

    1401.1 [pdf] Cross-references to employee ethical conduct standards and financial disclosure regulations

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1402 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : Subpart A - Reserved (1)

    1402 [pdf] Subpart A Reserved

    Subpart : Subpart B - Availability of Records of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (6)

    1402.10 [pdf] Official records of the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation

    1402.11 [pdf] Current index

    1402.12  [pdf] dentification of records requested

    1402.13 Request for records

    1402.14 Response to requests for records

    1402.15 Business information

    Subpart : Subpart C - Fees for Provision of Information (8)

    1402.20 Definitions

    1402.21 Categories of requesters--fees

    1402.22 Fees to be charged

    1402.23 Waiver or reduction of fees

    1402.24 Advance payments notice

    1402.25 Interest

    1402.26 Charges for unsuccessful searches or reviews

    1402.27 Aggregating requests

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1403 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : No Subpart (12)

    1403.01 [pdf] Purpose and scope

    1403.02 [pdf] Definitions

    1403.03 [pdf] Procedures for requests pertaining to individual records in a record system

    1403.04 [pdf] Times, places, and requirements for identification of individuals making requests

    1403.05 [pdf] Disclosure of requested information to individuals

    1403.06 [pdf] Special procedures for medical records

    1403.07 [pdf] Request for amendment to record

    1403.08 [pdf] Agency review of request for amendment of record

    1403.09 [pdf] Appeal of an initial adverse determination of a request to amend a record

    1403.10 [pdf] Fees for providing copies of records

    1403.11 [pdf] Criminal penalties

    1403.12 [pdf] Exemptions

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1408 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : Subpart A - Administrative Collection of Claims (15)

    1408.01 [pdf] Authority

    1408.02 [pdf] Applicability

    1408.03 [pdf] Definitions

    1408.04 [pdf] Delegation of authority

    1408.05 [pdf] Responsibility for collection

    1408.06 [pdf] Demand for payment

    1408.07 [pdf] Right to inspect and copy records

    1408.08 [pdf] Right to offer to repay claim

    1408.09 [pdf] Right to agency review

    1408.10 [pdf] Review procedures

    1408.11 [pdf] Special review

    1408.12 [pdf] Charges for interest, administrative costs, and penalties

    1408.13 [pdf] Contracting for collection services

    1408.14 [pdf] Reporting of credit information

    1408.15 [pdf] Credit report

    Subpart : Subpart B - Administrative Offset (8)

    1408.20 [pdf] Applicability

    1408.21 [pdf] Collection by offset

    1408.22 [pdf] Notice requirements before offset

    1408.23 [pdf] Right to review of claim

    1408.24 [pdf] Waiver of procedural requirements

    1408.25 [pdf] Coordinating offset with other Federal agencies

    1408.26 [pdf] Stay of offset

    1408.27 [pdf] Offset against amounts payable from Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund

    Subpart : Subpart C - Offset Against Salary (9)

    1408.35 [pdf] Purpose

    1408.36 [pdf] Applicability of regulations

    1408.37 [pdf] Definitions

    1408.38 [pdf] Waiver requests and claims to the General Accounting Office

    1408.39 [pdf] Procedures for salary offset

    1408.40 [pdf] Refunds

    1408.41 [pdf] Requesting current paying agency to offset salary

    1408.42 [pdf] Responsibility of the Corporation as the paying agency

    1408.43 [pdf] Nonwaiver of rights by payments

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1410 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : No Subpart (7)

    1410.1 [pdf] Purpose and scope

    1410.2 [pdf] Definitions

    1410.3 [pdf] Calculation and reporting of premiums due

    1410.4 [pdf] Payment of premiums

    1410.5 [pdf] Delinquent premium payments and premium overpayments

    1410.6 [pdf] Certified statements

    1410.7 [pdf] Documentation

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1411 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : Subpart A - Rules of Practice and Procedure for Assessment and Collection of Civil Money Penalties (1)

    1411.1 [pdf] Inflation adjustment of civil money penalties for failure to file a certified statement, pay any premium required or obtain approval before employment of persons convicted of criminal offenses

  • Subpart : Authority (1)

    1412 [pdf] Authority

    Subpart : No Subpart (8)

    1412.1 [pdf] Scope

    1412.2 [pdf] Definitions

    1412.3 [pdf] Golden parachute payments prohibited

    1412.4 [pdf] Prohibited indemnification payments

    1412.5 [pdf] Permissible golden parachute payments

    1412.6 [pdf] Permissible indemnification payments

    1412.7 [pdf] Filing instructions

    1412.8 [pdf] Application in the event of receivership