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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan covers a six-year period.   The Plan is driven by three broad goals with performance measures, which are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Corporation’s core operating areas:

  • Manage the Insurance Fund to maintain the 2 percent secure base amount to protect investors.
  • Detect, evaluate, and manage risks to the Insurance Fund to protect it from losses.
  • Maintain the capability to manage receiverships and/or conservatorships.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan


Annual Performance Plan

The Corporation’s Annual Performance Plan (Annual Plan) is derived from the Strategic Plan.  The Annual Plan, organized by program area, provides focus to the goals, objectives, and performance measures used to evaluate the Corporation’s activities during the year.  As with the Strategic Plan, the Corporation’s mis­sion and key assumptions guide development of the Annual Plan.  Progress towards program goals is periodically reported to the Board of Directors and is summarized in the Corporation’s Annual Report.


FCSIC Annual Performance Plan FY 2017-2018


Previous Annual Performance Plans